Who We Are

The Fishing Cat Working Group (FCWG) consists of conservationists and researchers working toward a single dream – a world with functioning floodplains and coastal ecosystems which would ensure that the fishing cat survives for future generations.

Our goal is to conduct sound ecological research, do science-based conservation, as well as mainstream fishing cat conservation. For this, we work as a team, complementing each other and helping raise the bar for small wild cat conservation on a global scale.

We are a growing family, and believe that people from all walks of life can, and should contribute towards conservation, and we would help guide them should they join us in the fight to protect the fishing cat.

Our Mission

The mission of the FCWG is to conserve fishing cats and their natural habitats within their geographical range, by working with local partners around the world to identify and mitigate threats to the species.


Jim Sanderson, PhD


Founder of Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation

Murthy Kantimahanti


Founder of Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, India

Tiasa Adhya

Founder of the Fishing Cat Project, India

Anya Ratnayaka

Founder of the Urban Fishing Cat Conservation Project, Sri Lanka / Co-founder Small Cat Advocacy and Research, Sri Lanka

Vanessa Herranz Muñoz

Founder of Kla Trey, the Cambodian Fishing Cat Project

Rama Mishra

Studying fishing cats in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal

Giridhar Malla

Founder of the Godavari Fishing Cat Project, India

Sagar Dahal

Founder of the Fishing Cat Conservation Project, Nepal / Co-founder Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation, Nepal

Sayam Chowdhury

Principal Investigator of Project Fishing Cat, Bangladesh

Ashan Thudugala

Founder of the Save Fishing Cat Conservation Project, Sri Lanka / Co-founder Small Cat Advocacy and Research, Sri Lanka

Erwin Wilianto

Currently searching for signs of the Javan fishing cat

Linda Castaneda

Founder of the Fishing Cat Fund

Devan Sewell

Founder of Wild Oasis

Neville Buck

Section Manager of Small Carnivores, Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Wai-Ming Wong, PhD

Director, Small Cat and Grant Programs, Panthera

Kitipat Phosri

Primary Investigator, Thailand Fishing Cat Project

Zafeer Ahmed Shaikh

Fishing Cat Conservation, Pakistan

Dylan Henriksen

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Partner Organisations

Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation

Wild Oasis

Fishing Cat Fund

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Global Wildlife Conservation



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