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Zafeer Ahmed Shaikh
Zafeer is a student of medicine in the Bahria College Karachi NORE-1, and is currently sitting for his O-level examinations. His passion is mainly birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, plants. He is a part of the administration of Pakistan’s largest birdwatching and Mammal-watching community, and has done an exhibition on Birds of Sindh and even inaugurated one too. Currently, he is documenting the wildlife biodiversity of the Hawkes Bay-Sandspit Wetland Complex.
Zafeer has always had an interest in wild cats. With both tigers and lions gone from Pakistan, his interest automatically shifted to small wild cats which are one of the most lesser-known species in the world, and in Pakistan, there is literally nothing known about them. Fishing cats were always a charming species to him, and he hopes to save these rare cats in Pakistan.
The fishing cat was always considered rare and local in Pakistan. Most of the sightings were from Southern Sindh and only a few stragglers from North East Punjab. It was considered extinct from wild until a survey in 2010 found them in close quarters with smooth-coated otters in Pakistan. Recent evidence suggests it may be more widespread than previously believed. Understanding the Fishing cat’s distribution and status in Pakistan is critical to establish a threat reduction program here and ultimately, save these cats from extinction.
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