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What is a fishing cat?

The fishing cat, Prionailurus viverrinus, is a highly elusive wild cat species found primarily in wetland and mangrove ecosystems.

Unlike most felines, fishing cats love water and are known for their expert hunting skills in aquatic habitats.

Who we are

The Fishing Cat Conservation Alliance is a team of conservationists, researchers and fishing cat enthusiasts working to achieve a single dream – a world with functioning floodplains and coastal ecosystems that would ensure the survival of the fishing cat and all species with which it shares a home.

Our partner projects

Our partner projects are headed by one of our local partners, who work tirelessly to protect the species within eight of the fishing cat’s range countries.

Each project conducts sound and meaningful research to determine the ecological needs of this unique species and to engage communities in conservation efforts.

Resources just for you

We have an extensive library (that’s constantly being updated) packed with all the fishing cat literature you need.

Ever wondered where fishing cats are found in the wild? Or maybe you want to visit a fishing cat that’s closer to where you live? Then head over to our maps page!

Fishing Cat February

Fishing Cat February is a month-long awareness campaign to celebrate and educate the world about this lesser-known water-loving wild cat.

You can help educate friends and family about fishing cats by sharing our #FishingCatFebruary content on your social media platforms!

Give a Gift

Your generous contribution will go towards the conservation of fishing cats and the ecological integrity of essential habitat across the eight range countries. We are a collection of projects that work as a team to ensure a future for the fishing cat in each country. By donating, you are helping each of us to conduct the vital research and conservation efforts needed to establish effective management plans, to work with local people, educate and inspire, and change government policy for the better.

We thank you!

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