Fishing Cat February

Fishing Cat February is a month-long awareness campaign to celebrate and educate the world about this lesser-known water-loving wild cat.

The fishing cat is one of the most unique species of wild cat in the world. They are confident and content in the water, tapping the surface to lure prey, plugging their ears when they dive, emerging from the water with dry skin due to a double coat. The fishing cat is powerful and sways at the hips when at a brisk walk. Beyond their narrow eyes, dazzling black lines dance on their forehead and trail the length of their body, splintering into scattered spots on their flank. Some compare the vocalizations of the fishing cat to a quacking duck, or a bark, even a chuckle and a gurgle. In Cambodia, where images fishing cats have been found carved in the walls of ancient structures, they are known as Kla Trey, “Tiger fish”. As you look into the eyes of the fishing cat, there lies a story eager to be told.

But time is running out.  

Because of their dependency on water, fishing cats are threatened by the loss of wetlands, swamps and mangrove habitats. Urbanization, farming and other human-animal conflict also mean that populations are set to drop by up to 30%, and the fishing cat is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

So we ask you, help us tell the story of the fishing cat during Fishing Cat February!

Over the 28 days of February the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Fishing Cat Species Survival Plan (@FishingCatSSP) in conjunction with the Fishing Cat Conservation Alliance (@FishingCatConservationAlliance) will be sharing their expertise knowledge via cartoons, videos and other engaging educational material. 

In doing so, the Fishing Cat Conservation Alliance hopes to inspire in both children and adults the necessity to act on behalf of such an incredible small wild cat, to join hands as a passionate community of fishing cat enthusiasts, and to in turn protect wetland ecosystems and all species they support. 

But Wait, Why February?

Well, because February 2nd is World Wetlands Day! So what better ambassador for the conservation of this ecosystem than the King of the Wetlands,

The fishing cat!

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