Fishing Cat Conservation Project, Nepal

Sagar Dahal is a wildlife biologist and conservationist from Nepal. He is co founder of the Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation and Associate Conservation Scientist of Global Wildlife Conservation. He has been working for the conservation of fishing cats since 2011. So far, he has found three new sites of fishing cat distribution and is on a mission to map out their presence in the human dominated landscapes of Terai in Nepal.

Currently he is working on a project to initiate fishing cat conservation in the private fish ponds of central Terai, Nepal. He is working with government authorities, local communities and students from local University to conserve the cat. Understanding the frequency of their visit to private fish ponds using camera traps and via an awareness campaign, he believes he can improve the situation of existing human-fishing cat conflict. He is also working with local government authorities to produce policy briefings on wildlife conservation and provide seed money to the fish farmers’ cooperative to encourage fishing cat conservation in and around their surroundings.

Project initiated: 2011
Current status: Ongoing
Founder / Primary Investigator: Sagar Dahal